I am passionate about helping teens make the best, empowered decisions for themselves so they can have the happiest, most fulfilling life possible.

Aunte Bee’s Guide to Teenage Communication and Development

My real name is Barb Farrell Axelton, but feel free to call me Aunte Bee. You might remember Aunt Bee from the popular TV series The Andy Griffith Show. Aunt Bee was the one who was always there with sound advice and a hot meal when the people in her life needed her the most. She loved and cared about her nephew, Sheriff Andy Taylor, and his son, Opie.

I am not that Aunt Bee and I may not have chicken and biscuits on the table waiting for you, but I’ll always be there with sound advice and a shoulder to lean on for the teens and their families who are facing some really tough issues in the world today.

I know it’s hard to talk about problems, concerns, and issues teenagers face in today’s world and I’ve been on both sides of the conversation. I want to make things easier for everybody. Sometimes it’s easier for teens to listen to and connect with someone who isn’t their parent. Often, they are embarrassed, afraid of being in trouble or they want to protect their parents from the issues they are dealing with.

E-book To The Rescue

This is where I can help. I’m like having an extra auntie for your teen. In my e-books, I talk to them like I am their aunt who cares about them. I’m not their flesh and blood aunt, however, I do care. I want to give your teen information, ideas and stories they can use to help guide them in their decision-making processes. The decisions teens will make during their teen years are not only identity forming but can have a serious impact on their future.

I have learned so much from the school of life and have had many experiences in the realm of teenage development since I raised two of them myself, a boy and a girl. My children are now grown and I am very proud of them and the choices they have made. I have several nieces and nephews who are currently in or soon to be in their teen years. I started writing these books for them and quickly discovered other teens could also benefit from this information.

A Mission of Success

My mission is to help all the teens I can and also help parents develop better communication with their teen.  The relationship between a teenager and their parents is crucial to their growth, success, and self-esteem. These young people are our future and I want to help them navigate these difficult years with as little drama and as much growth as possible. I want them to become the best people they can be while having the happiest, healthiest life possible.

Feel free to check out my first e-book set Stomp out Teen Struggles – Addictive Behavior.

Luv to all,

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