You might be wondering why I chose the bumblebee as my logo. There was a time in history when science thought it had proved that a bumblebee’s wings weren’t big enough or strong enough for it to fly. Scientists thought it shouldn’t be able to fly; however, it flew anyway.

Teens may feel like the odds are against them to achieve the life they aspire to. Maybe they were born on the wrong side of the tracks, maybe one or both of their parents are addicts, maybe they aren’t the best student in school. There are tons of reasons why a teen feels like they may not succeed. However, I want them to be able to think past the obstacles they believe stand in their way. I want to help them learn to make better choices in life. No matter what they think prohibits them from succeeding, I believe all teens can fly. They just need to have that belief too.

It’s my hope that the Aunte Bee e-book series can help them ‘fly’ in the right direction.

Luv to all,

Attribution for picture – Mark Clarke Photos